The core accounting engine to power any financial product

Twisp provides secure cloud native ledgers, accounting, and orchestration to build mission critical financial products at any scale.

Graphic showing financial charts
Graphic showing financial charts
Graphic showing financial charts

Focus on shipping your product, not reinventing accounting

Give your infrastructure team first class cloud resources for managing an internal source-of-truth, integrating financial protocols, and simplifying reconciliation.

Core Accounting Engine

Out-of-the-box accounting abstractions provide a common set of tools for card processing, money movement, FBOs, foreign exchange, brokerage accounting, and beyond.

Financial Workflow Library

Build unique payment flows, processor integrations, direct-to-bank treasury services, ACH processing, cash and data reconciliation processes, and more with an expanding library of pre-built ledger workflows.

Cloud Native Ledgers

At the foundation Twisp is a cloud native immutable ledger with fine-grained security controls, horizontal scaling, multi-tenancy support, materialized balance calculations, and the strongest correctness guarantees.

Core ledger use cases

Start with pre-built templates for common use cases, or structure a custom ledger API for any financial product or system-of-record.

  • Card processing

    Calculating real time balances for card authorization is a complex ledger challenge. A series of authorizations, holds, and hold releases must be translated into ledger entries that accurately impact running balances. Twisp provides out-of-the-box card processing templates and integrations with issuer processors.

  • Money movement

    Twisp provides a library of partner integrations and workflows for common payment protocols to support money movement (e.g. ACH, RTP). Engineering teams can build unique funds flows and financial user experiences without the heavy lifting of integrating arcane protocols into their ledger system.

  • FBO accounts

    The management and reconciliation of settlement and FBO accounts requires a strong internal system-of-record for tracking commingled cash balances held on behalf of customers. Twisp provides a native solution for aggregating balances across any ledger dimension in real time. Twisp ledgers can maintain running FBO balances based on complex transactions occurring on millions of underlying customer accounts.

  • Brokerage systems

    Twisp provides an ideal framework for brokerage accounting by supporting custom “positions” at the account level (in addition to support for all ISO 4217 world currencies). An individual account can have unlimited position and currency balances, each with corresponding layered balances (pending, settled, encumbrance).

  • Velocity controls

    Calculating materialized balances with ledger guarantees is a difficult engineering challenge at scale. In Twisp, velocity controls can be defined on any ledger dimensions, and calculated in real time to support fraud controls or account limits.

  • Cash and data reconciliation

    Reconciliation to cash and external systems requires a strong internal source-of-truth. Twisp provides reconciliation tooling for managing exception journals to support finance operations, as well as protocols for automatically reconciling transaction ordering against a system-of-record.