February 2023 Updates

by Michael Parsons

February 2023 saw some advancement on the custom indexing features in Twisp, with the highlight being a new historical index type for querying all versions of records.

What's Changed

  • Historical indexes can be created to query all versions of records' histories. While regular indexes (such as those created by the schema.createIndex mutation) will index the most recent version of records, a historical index will index every version.
  • Indexing & filtering by multiple sort/partition keys in custom indexes. Querying custom indexes accepts a list of CustomIndexFilter to enable filtering by on indexes with multiple index keys.
  • Decimal type IndexKeys allow creating more flexible custom indexes.
  • Money type arithmetic & logical operations in CEL. CEL expressions can now perform basic infix operations on money types, e.g.: money("1.15","EUR") > money("1.14","EUR").
  • Enable AWS Backups for business continuity plans (BCPs).

View the full changelog at twisp.com/changelog.