June 2023 Updates

by Michael Parsons

In June 2023, we introduced search indexes to Twisp, enabling full text queries using OpenSearch query DSL. Please contact us to enable full text search on your account. Additionally, we've integrated dual platform support for our local Docker images, ensuring users can utilize both amd64 and arm64 versions of Twisp. Lastly, we added support for Tran Codes to post transactions to the DEFAULT journal when a journalId is not specified in the Tran Code.

What's Changed

  • User invitations to Twisp are now redirected to the new console.
  • Local Docker images now support both amd64 and arm64 CPU platforms.
  • Search indexes, powered by OpenSearch, have been added to Twisp.
  • Added money(int, string) CEL constructor.
  • Tran Codes that do not specify journalId now post to the DEFAULT journal.

View the full changelog at twisp.com/changelog.