January 2023 Updates

by Michael Parsons

In Q4 of 2022, we released a new product—the Twisp core accounting system—and many new features. Building upon those changes, we're continuing to iterate and improve the user experience of our console, add performance and scalability enhancements, and tune the ergonomics of our GraphQL API.

What's Changed

  • Concurrent postings for high throughput accounts allows low cardinality accounts like settlement accounts to have postings at high throughput, while maintaining all transactional guarantees at the cost of slower reads of balances on the account.
  • Administrative APIs for managing user access to Twisp for your organization and managing Twisp tenants under your org.

Coming Soon

  • More flexible indexing controls for creating, managing, and querying resource indexes.
  • An updated console with UIs for accounts and transaction codes, a new GraphQL tool, and a cleaner layout.
  • Visual design tools for organizing your chart of accounts and transaction codes.

View the full changelog at twisp.com/changelog.