May 2023 Updates

by Michael Parsons

In May 2023, we launched a new version of the Twisp Console, featuring an improved GraphQL environment, streamlined UI/UX, and new views for account and tran code navigation. Additionally, we introduced custom index creation for ledger entries, a new Between operator for query/index ranges, an ACH workflow for operations, as well as extending our documentation with reference material and our first two guides.

What's Changed

  • Run a local instance of Twisp through Docker.
  • Create custom indexes for and add metadata to ledger entries.
  • Launched a new version of the Twisp Console. Improved GraphQL environment, new views for navigating accounts and tran codes, and streamlined UI/UX.
  • Introduced the Between operator for querying and defining indexes. Use to select ranges of sorted values.
  • New ACH workflow for push/pull/cancel operations.
  • More reference documentation added, as well as our first two guides.
  • Optimizations for account set queries and mutations.

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