Definitions of all components in the Twisp Accounting Core and GraphQL API.

Reference Sections


Ledger resources in the Twisp accounting core.


Type definitions for the full GraphQL schema.


Key components and concepts for interacting with the API.


Packages and functions available in the common expression language runtime.

Type Diagrams

Use these diagrams for a high-level overview of the type system within the Twisp ledger.

Basic Relationships

Simplified type relationship diagram showing basic connections between types.

Simplified entity relationship diagram for Twisp core

Entity Relationship Diagram

Although the Twisp core is not a relational database, it does enforce referential integrity between related records and thus we can model it with an RDB-style ERD.

Only select fields for each type have been shown in this diagram to aid readability. For the full reference of each type, see the GraphQL reference.

RDB-style entity relationship diagram for Twisp core