Response Format

Requests to the Twisp GraphQL API return a consistent JSON response format.

The API uses a response format conforming to the GraphQL spec.

  "data": {
    // GraphQL response

This means that every response is a JSON document with a "data" field. If the request produced an error, then it will also return an "errors" field.

The data entry in the response will be the result of the execution of the requested operation. If the operation was a query, this output will be an object of the query root operation type; if the operation was a mutation, this output will be an object of the mutation root operation type.

The errors entry in the response is a non-empty list of errors, where each error is a map.

Because the Twisp API supports Transactional Operations, if there are any errors, then the entire operation is aborted and the "data" field will be null.

  "errors": [
    // list of errors
  "data": null

In addition, responses may contain an "extensions" field if certain request headers are specified. Learn more about extensions in the Extensions reference.